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Who we are

Welcome to The Skeena Reporter, your new hub for all the local news from Terrace, Thornhill, and Kitimat. Launched on October 6, 2023, by Hunter Wild and Viktor Elias, The Skeena Reporter has become a vital source of community news and insights. Initially co-founded with Elias’s help, who has since stepped down, the platform continues to thrive under Hunter's dedicated leadership.

Hunter Wild, the sole helms person of The Skeena Reporter, grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, before moving to Kitimat in January 2023. With journalism studies from MacEwan University in Edmonton and experience living in the Netherlands, Hunter brings a diverse perspective to the newsroom. Residing in Terrace with two cats and a dog, Omelette, Meatball and Pumpkin, they are deeply immersed in the community. Before launching The Skeena Reporter, Hunter contributed to The Northern Sentinel in Kitimat, waving goodbye in August 2023.

Our story

The inception of The Skeena Reporter is our response to the noticeable news vacuum in northwestern B.C. We sensed a compelling need for a reliable news source in Terrace and Kitimat — a platform that not only informs but also keeps a vigilant eye on the local corridors of power.

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We hope the The Skeena Reporter will be your new hub for all the local news from Terrace, Thornhill, and Kitimat. We’ll bring you everything from community triumphs to the challenges we face, with each story told with integrity and a deep commitment to our community. Get ready for a news experience where you're not just informed but also engaged with the stories that weave through the fabric of our lives here. With The Skeena Reporter, it’s not just about news; it’s about connecting with our community, understanding its pulse, and sharing stories that matter to us all, delivered with care by your dedicated neighbours.

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Types of Stories to Expect:

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We'll be unfolding tales of triumph, exposing wrongdoings, celebrating our local teams, and presenting a spectrum of opinions to foster a thinking community.

In light of the significant cutbacks and closures impacting news outlets across Canada, community support has never been more crucial. The downward trend in local news availability coupled with a general erosion of trust in journalism due to various scandals and divisive storytelling tactics employed by some media entities has created a void. That’s where we step in.

The Skeena Reporter aspires to swim against this current, offering journalism that is grounded, trustworthy, and community-focused. With no corporate donors pulling our strings, and zero cash influx from politicians or entities attempting to sway our coverage, we stand as an independent, reliable news source. Every story, every piece is for the community, by the community.

We believe in equal coverage for all, irrespective of their status or position. Our respect extends to every community member, acknowledging and valuing each perspective and voice. We encourage our readers to form their own opinions through the information we provide.

Our commitment goes beyond reporting; it reflects in our initiatives aimed at community betterment, such as organizing art shows, participating in garbage clean-ups, and various volunteering activities. We are here not just to narrate the community's story but also to contribute positively to its tapestry.

Moreover, recognizing the financial constraints many experience, we offer heavily discounted or free subscriptions to those facing monetary struggles, and to all students expressing interest in our paper. We stand for inclusive access to news and information.

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Our vision is simple yet powerful: thriving communities informed by reliable, transparent journalism. By subscribing, you support this vision, empowering a platform where the community’s voice is heard, valued, and respected. Join us in this endeavour, and let’s create a narrative of truth, trust, and community together with The Skeena Reporter.

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By joining The Skeena Reporter community, you’re not just a subscriber; you become an integral part of a network of individuals who share your curiosity, concerns, and interests related to Terrace, Thornhill, Kitimat, and the surrounding areas. It's a space where like-minded folks converge, engaged by their care for the community and a thirst for trustworthy news.

We encourage our readers to actively participate, whether by providing feedback, suggesting stories, or simply engaging with the content we provide. Your voice and perspective are valuable to us, and by “joining the crew,” you contribute to the dynamic dialogue and communal spirit we aim to foster. In this community, every member’s insight matters, helping to shape a narrative that is reflective of us all.

So, come aboard! Engage with the news, connect with neighbours, and let's build a more informed and cohesive community together with The Skeena Reporter at the centre of it all. Together, we’ll navigate through the stories that matter, with a crew of readers actively participating in the local discourse. Let’s celebrate, reflect, challenge, and support each other in a space that values every voice.

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